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Performance Toyota and Lexus Rear Link Kit – Why Upgrade?

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TOTAL CHAOS is regarded as the industry leader in aftermarket performance Upper Control Arms and Toyota long travel independent front suspension systems. When you upgrade your front suspension, it is necessary to upgrade the rear suspension to balance the vehicle. We manufacture high quality performance Toyota and Lexus rear link kits for a variety of off road SUV’s as well as the newly designed rear linked pickup trucks. 


3rd gen Toyota Tundra performance rear links King 3.0 IBP rear shocks
2022+ 3rd Gen Tundra with TC 5-link kit (PN: 88450), KING 3.0 IBP rear shocks, and KING sway bar link.


Rear link kits are often referred to as upper and lower rear control arms. They are used to locate the rear axle and to prevent the housing from rotating causing axle wrap – a common traction issue with rear leaf spring systems. Rear links work in conjunction with a variety of rear coil springs that will set the rear ride height and hold the appropriate vehicle weight – and the shock absorbers provide dampening control keeping the tires firmly planted over uneven terrain.


OEM Toyota links vs. TOTAL CHAOS high performance links


TOTAL CHAOS Rear Suspension Package Upgrades

Wheel travel is a function of how far your vehicle’s suspension can compress and extend. More wheel travel generally equates to increased ability to absorb bumps off-road without losing control or causing damage to your vehicle. Some versions of TOTAL CHAOS rear link kits provide an additional inch of down travel when paired with the appropriate custom length aftermarket shock. TOTAL CHAOS stocks KING shocks to build your rear suspension package. An aftermarket coil spring is usually added to your vehicle when you purchase shocks. We supply longer coil springs so they accommodate the added droop travel. We also offer different spring rates and list options to customize your ride for your specific application.



OEM 5th Gen 4Runner links on the left vs. TC links on the right (PN: 86400). TC link wall thickness varies on other models but is always thicker than stock.


TOTAL CHAOS Rear Links Are Stronger Than Stock

TOTAL CHAOS upper and lower links are constructed from chromoly tubing that is twice as thick and more than twice as strong as stock. They are fitted with PTFE-lined chromoly adjustable rod ends and high misalignment spacers that bolt-on and pivot at the frame. We use greasable urethane bushings at the rear axle end to help absorb road vibration since most vehicles are driven 80% on-road. Factory hardware is reused on all TC kits for a true bolt-on installation.


rebuildable toyota rear links replacement heims bushings


Rebuildable Rear Link Kits

Factory rubber bushings will wear out over time with excessive off road use or high mileage vehicles. They are a soft rubber compound designed to twist and flex. Over time the rubber becomes dry rotted allowing the rear suspension to incur more flex and body roll. Toyota and Lexus factory rear link control arms are not rebuildable. TOTAL CHAOS Toyota and Lexus rear link kits are completely rebuildable and designed to last the life of your vehicle.


Rear Link Skid Plate Accessory

TOTAL CHAOS offers a lower rear link skid plate upgrade to protect the factory lower link pivot mounts from rock damage on the trail. These brackets fit: 2003-2009 4Runner | 2010-2023 4Runner  |  2003-2017 FJ Cruiser 2003-2009 GX 470  | 2010-2024 GX 460


Lower Link Skidplates are a great complement to TOTAL CHAOS Links.


American Made

Like all TOTAL CHAOS suspension products, our rear link systems are manufactured in house at our facility in Corona, California. When you call, the person on the other end of the phone is an off-road enthusiast with decades of hands on knowledge and experience. We strive to help ensure that you get the best possible customer service in the industry.


Toyota and Lexus Rear Link Kit Applications:

1996-2002 3rd Gen Toyota 4Runner

2003-2009 4th Gen Toyota 4Runner

2010-2022 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner

2007-2009 Toyota FJ Cruiser

2010-2017 Toyota FJ Cruiser

2008-2021 200 Series Toyota Land Cruiser

2022-Current Toyota Tundra

2023-Current Toyota Sequoia

2003-2009 Lexus GX470

2010-2021 Lexus GX460

2008-2021 Lexus LX570

2022-Current Lexus LX600

1996-2002 Toyota Prado 90

2003-2009 Toyota Prado 120

2010-2022 Toyota Prado 150



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