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DuroBumps 3rd Gen 4Runner Test Mule

3rd gen 4runner rock crawler articulation flex IFS durobumps


There are a lot of companies in the off-road space that seem to come out of nowhere with a lot of social media presence and brand new vehicles with a wrap with their logo and every bolt-on accessory imaginable. DuroBumps is not one of those companies. Curtis Glenn has a background in technical consulting for rubber and plastic manufacturers, and he started DuroBumps in 2019. Like TOTAL CHAOS, DuroBumps is more interested in making practical products right here in the USA than knocking off an existing product and offering a cheaper alternative from overseas. And like the people at TOTAL CHAOS, Curtis at DuroBumps loves Toyotas! He isn’t driving a brand new Tundra though, Curtis has owned this 2002 4Runner for over 15 years now and has been slowly upgrading it over time, just like most enthusiasts do.


3rd gen 4runner IFS flex rock crawler durobumps




Curtis had been running TOTAL CHAOS upper control arms and ADS coilover shocks on his 4Runner for years, but recently took the suspension to the next level. TOTAL CHAOS lower control arms were added, along with our lower uniball conversion kit and stock width heim steering conversion. A TOTAL CHAOS secondary shock mount was also added to allow fitment of an ADS three-tube bypass shocks to soak up big hits in the desert, but the track width was kept stock to allow the 4Runner to fit down tight trails. Like DuroBumps, ADS is an Arizona-based company that prides themselves on making premium products right here in the USA. In fact, ADS stands for Arizona Desert Shocks! Out back, the solid rear axle is suspended by Jeep JL coils, while 2.5-inch diameter ADS shocks with remote reservoir smooth out the bumps and provide plenty of wheel travel without the need to cut into the cab of the 4Runner.


DuroBumps Bump Stops


The ADS shocks aren’t the only thing that help smooth out the bumps. DuroBumps bump stops are found at each corner and prevent the harsh bottoming commonly associated with factory bump stops. The dual-durometer rubber used in DuroBumps acts as a secondary coil spring, ensuring smooth engagement that progressively increases compression load in a predictable manner that significantly reduces hard bottom-outs. You don’t need bypass shocks to benefit from DuroBumps though, whether your vehicle is equipped with stock suspension or long travel or something in between, DuroBumps can help smooth out the ride beyond what shocks alone can offer. They are application specific and offer bolt-on installation with JIS 10.9 metric hardware.


3rd gen 4runner aftermarket performance lower control arms durobumps bump stops ADS shocks


Slightly taller than OEM bump stops, DuroBumps compress under load to soften the impact just prior to the ultimate stop. And they are far more economical and quieter upon engagement when compared to hydraulic bump stops (aka air bumps). Through years of testing on his own 4Runner, Curtis has found that DuroBumps prolong maintenance intervals by absorbing shock loads, reducing wear on critical suspension components. They are available in a variety of different lengths to work with different suspension height and tire size combinations and prevent rubbing at full compression.




The factory 3.4L V6 engine shows no signs of giving up despite having 330k miles on it. It is backed by an A340 automatic transmission and the factory drive transfer case. The differentials were upgraded with Harrop electric lockers and regeared to 5.29, and Yukon chromoly rear axle shafts were added at the same time. The gear ratio is a perfect match for the 35-inch Toyo Open Country M/T tires mounted on KMC Impact beadlock rims. TOTAL CHAOS heim steering was added to turn the big tires regardless of what obstacles Curtis encounters.




Living in Arizona, there is an abundance of rocks. To keep the recently repainted sheetmetal straight, Curtis sourced an Eimkeith rear bumper that increases the departure angle and wraps around to protect the corners of the 4Runner. Tommy Gun Fab build a custom front bumper that matches the lines of the rear bumper and houses a Warn Zeon 12k winch. Four inches of the front frame rails were cut off to maximize approach angle and an integrated skid plate protects the steering rack and front differential. The front bumper is filled with an assortment of lights from Baja Designs to allow Curtis to travel just as fast at night as he does during the day. A combination of ONX6 light bar, Squadron Pros, S1s, and XL80s combine to generate over 70,000 lumens of light. Sliders from RSG, complete with rear kick-outs, round out the armor.

The 4Runner is really a metaphor for DuroBumps. It might not be as flashy as a brand new Tundra with a full wrap, but the end result works well just about everywhere, from high speed desert to technical rock crawling. And just like the iconic third generation 4Runner, DuroBumps is going to be around for a long time to come.


Want to see more of Curtis’ 4Runner? Check it out on YouTube!



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