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Lexus GX 460 Frequently Asked Questions

performance lexus gx460 off road desert dunes


Q. What is KDSS?

A. Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) optimally adjusts front and rear stabilizers based on a set of interconnected hydraulic cylinders. KDSS can disengage the stabilizer bars and allow for increased wheel travel and articulation. This system will not engage during normal driving conditions, when hydraulic pressure is equal but in off-road conditions, KDSS activates when it senses that a wheel has dropped.


toyota and lexus kdss system sway bar on aftermarket lower control arm


Q.Can I still lift my Lexus GX 460 with KDSS?

A. Yes, TOTAL CHAOS has extensive experience lifting KDSS-equipped Lexus GX 460s, including our own in-house build Seabiscuit. We know all of the intricacies of this complicated system and how to retain its functionality when you lift your GX 460.


Q.Why are your lift kits more expensive than a spacer lift?

A. A spacer lift is made to increase ride height to allow for the fitment of larger tires. It does not, however, provide any additional wheel travel (and can even decrease available wheel travel) nor do spacers improve off-road performance. At TOTAL CHAOS we are more concerned with how your GX 460 performs than how it looks.


lexus gx460 with 285/70R17 all terrain tires


Q.What size tires can I run with extended length coilovers and TOTAL CHAOS UCAs?

A. We recommend a 285/70R17 (33-inch tall) tire on the GX 460. This is 2.5-inches taller than the factory tires, yet with the proper wheel width and backspacing a 285 tire will fit with minimal trimming.


Q. What wheel specifications do you recommend?

A. We recommend a 17×8.5 wheel with 4.75-inch backspacing. Backspacing is the distance from the front of the wheel to the mounting surface where it bolts on the vehicle. Too much backspacing can cause the tires to rub on the frame at full lock, but too little backspacing causes the tires to swing in an arc when they are turned and can often lead to rubbing at the back of the front wheelwell. We do not guarantee any tire/wheel fitment and recommend you have your tire dealer install and test fit any wheel tire combination you are considering. Another option is to run 17″ TRD Pro wheels. Their narrower width (7″) and slightly higher offset can benefit steering feel and reduce the load placed on the steering system when coupled with larger/heavier tires.


Q. Do I need to regear my Lexus GX 460 after adding larger tires?

A. As a result of the engine torque and vehicle weight of the GX460, many of our customers have found it unnecessary to regear when upgrading from the factory tire size to a 285/70R17 tire.


Q. Do I need a diff drop kit on my Lexus GX 460?

A. A diff drop is inexpensive and easy to install. We recommend a diff drop with all lifted suspensions to reduce the angles on the CV axles. Since the GX 460 does not have manual locking hubs, the front axles are turning regardless of whether you are in 2WD or 4WD.


kdss equipped vehicle with lift kit and upper control arms


Q. Why do I need to add TOTAL CHAOS upper control arms (UCAs) when I lift my GX 460?

A. Adding 2-3 inches of lift on your GX will compromise your factory alignment specs from lost caster. TOTAL CHAOS UCA’s are designed to add 3 degrees of caster; offering better straight line tracking, as well as improved high speed stability and cornering. TOTAL CHAOS UCA’s also use a 1-inch uniball instead of a ball joint for increased strength. The uniball has a range of motion designed to provide one inch of added droop wheel travel when they are installed with a pair of factory replacement ”extended travel” coil over shocks.


toyota lexus kdss compatible performance boxed lower control arms


Q: Why should I buy TOTAL CHAOS Lower Control Arms?

A. Stock ball joints and rubber bushings eventually wear out and must be replaced. Sloppy steering and uneven tire wear are common when these parts become worn out or damaged. You cannot individually order bushings or ball joints from Toyota for the factory lower control arms. TOTAL CHAOS lower control arms are 100% bolt-on and upgrade ball joints to a 1″ stainless steel uniball to maximize strength. Rubber bushings are replaced with urethane bushings to provide better off road trail handling and steering response. Less bushing deflection allows the vehicle steering to be more responsive at higher speed on and off road.


long travel lexus gx460 front end king shocks prerunner bumper baja designs lp6


Q. Should I get a stock width or +2 Expedition long travel long travel suspension?

A. Stock width suspension can be very capable, particularly when using TOTAL CHAOS upper and lower control arms with a performance coilover. This configuration results in approximately 9 inches of wheel travel. Our +2 Expedition Series Long Travel kit nets 11.5 inches of wheel travel, but the cost is higher since components like the axles and tie rod ends must be replaced to account for the increased track width.


Q. Can I run larger tires with a long travel kit?

A. The track width and wheel travel increase with the use of a long travel suspension, however the amount of lift height does not. As a result, we recommend the same 285/70R17 tire size for our stock width and long travel suspensions.


lifted lexus gx460 kdss performance rear suspension with 5 link kit and King bump stops


Q. Why should I run your rear links?

A. Our rear link kit for the Lexus GX 460 offers up to 1.5-inches more droop from your suspension (with the addition of longer shocks) and bolts on with simple hand tools. The links use urethane bushings at the frame end to cushion any noise and harshness and ¾-inch heim joints on the axle end (heims used at both ends of the panhard bar) to allow for suspension adjustments in caster and wheelbase to center the tire in the wheelwell. They are also constructed of 1 ¼-inch, 0.375-wall 4130 chromoly tubing that is far stronger than the factory control arms.


toytec superflex rear coil lexus gx460 2" lift


Q. What coils do you recommend that I run with your suspension?

A. There are a lot of different coil heights and rates on the market but we find that Toytec Superflex rear coils are a good choice for most users looking for a level ride with King coilovers and minimal added weight.


package deal king shocks total chaos upper control arms gx460


Q. Why don’t you sell complete lift kits?

A. We do stock rear coils for the GX 460 to round out our TOTAL CHAOS control arms and King shocks for a complete suspension system. Give us a call at 951-737-9682 for more information.


Q. Will I need an alignment after the installing new suspension components?

A. Yes, you will need a professional alignment after the lift install. Adding our Cam Tab Gussets is a great way to ensure that you don’t knock your GX 460 out of alignment when you take it on the trail.


Q. Will the installation of TOTAL CHAOS suspension components void my warranty?

A. The installation of a lift will not void the warranty. Modifications including suspension upgrades are protected under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975, which allows consumers to make reasonable and safe modifications to vehicles without voiding the warranty. Coverage on any part that is proven to be damaged as the result of a modification or any condition caused by the install of a lift can be denied for coverage though. View our warranty policy here.




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