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Tundra Performance Suspension: Three Generations of a Legend


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For 24 years TOTAL CHAOS has specialized in manufacturing performance Toyota off road suspension systems and accessories. We are enthusiasts who spend every free moment in the dirt and wanted something better than what was on the market at the time.


toyota off road road group tacoma 4Runner FJ in the desert


Along they way, we have built a reputation in the industry as being the go-to specialist to make your Toyota ride great, whether on the street or in the dirt. And our parts are hand crafted and 100% made in the USA, so you don’t have to worry about lengthy backorders while your parts sit in a shipping container.


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1st Gen Toyota Tundra (2000-2006)

When the 1st Gen Tundra launched we innovated the original stock length uniball upper control arm. Our UCAs use uniballs for increased travel and are designed with added caster to aid in retaining factory alignment specs when aftermarket lift kits are installed. This reduces the darting or wandering in the vehicle’s steering when 2.5”-3” lift kits are installed. The truck worked so well and proved to be so durable that it was endorsed by the famed Ivan IRONMAN Stewart himself.


1st gen toyota tundra performance lift kit uniball uca king coilovers


For those looking for even greater capabilities off pavement, the long travel system increases the front track width by 3.5″ on each side and is designed to be dependable at high speeds and to go fast. It increases front when travel to 12.5″ with 4 wheel drive and is built to repeatably soak up even the largest bumps. Be aware, the long travel kits fitment is different between the 2000-2003 Tundra and 2004-2006 Tundra models.


long travel 1st gen toyota tundra king shocks off road prerunner


2nd Gen Toyota Tundra (2007-2021)

When the 2nd Gen Tundra was released, it featured a new suspension and steering design. Rather than an obstacle, Total Chaos saw that as an opportunity and upped the ante by not just offering our iconic upper control arms but also uniball lower control arms and a rear bump stop kit to create a complete mid-travel performance suspension system that transformed the Tundra into a capable off-road platform with no compromises for daily driving on the street.


2nd gen toyota tundra mid travel suspension uniball uca lca king coilovers


Similar to the 1st gen, we offer a high performance long travel kit for the 2nd gen Tundra that increases the front track width by 2.5″ on either side. With this system and specific long travel coilovers travel is increased to 14.5″ with 4 wheel drive, a 61% increase over stock width!


long travel 2nd gen tundra fox shocks desert prerunner glamis dunes


3rd Gen Toyota Tundra (2022-Current)

After a 17 year wait, the 3rd Gen Tundra is a total redesign. Toyota introduced a brand new front suspension system and chassis that features a rear 5 link kit. Our customers were asking for an improved suspension for these trucks as soon as they hit the market, and we listened. Our mid travel performance suspension increases wheel travel from 8″ to 11.4″ and provides 3 inches of lift, making it perfect to run 35-inch tires with 3.0″ diameter coilovers.


mid travel 3rd gen tundra performance suspension uniball uca king coilovers


TOTAL CHAOS equipment is built for travel. We will see you in the DIRT!


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