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What Are Cam Tab Gussets and Why Do I Need Them?

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TOTAL CHAOS Toyota/Lexus Cam Tab Gussets for your lower control arms are a product that pay for themselves by allowing you to extend your time between alignments. The TC Cam Tab Gussets replace the weak factory alignment cam tab plates that are prone to deflection during hard front impacts and g-outs on the trail. While the stock parts are stamped sheetmetal, TC’s Cam Tab Gussets are CNC laser cut from 1/8-inch thick 4130 steel.


total chaos cam tab plate with eccentric bolt protecting lugs


The side lugs are cut from  ¼-inch thick steel then welded to ensure your alignment specification stays in place and you don’t prematurely wear out your expensive tires. These are not bolt on though, installation requires grinding off the factory tabs and welding the new gussets in place. If you are not comfortable performing this task yourself, we are happy to recommend a shop that can perform this service for you.


toyota eccentric bolt detail


What Are Cam Bolts?

A camshaft has lobes that rotate to open and close the valves of your engine. Similar, OE cam bolts (also called eccentric bolts) in your lower control arms are designed to rotate to change the camber and caster of your suspension.


stock toyota vs. total chaos cam tab gussets side by side comparison


What happens when the thin factory ears bend over or even worse, have been sheared off from a hard hit off road or an overzealous alignment tech who spends too much time in the gym? Your cam bolt can freely rotate and this throws off the alignment causing uneven tire wear on your expensive tires when driving home from a fun day on the trails.


toyota bent cam tab example



off road prep maintenance hardware witness marks with paint pen


Tech Tip:

TOTAL CHAOS Toyota/Lexus Cam Tab Gussets are way stronger than stock, allowing your suspension to absorb larger hits without concern about throwing off your alignment. Still, everything has its limitations and with a big enough hit it is possible to change your alignment settings even with our weld on reinforcement Cam Tab Gussets. As part of our prep process, we use a paint pen across the head of the lower cam bolts to the frame (and all bolts for that matter – see image above). Mark two lines in different directions from the cam tab to the mounting surface. After running hard off road, a quick visual inspection is all that is needed to ensure that your alignment is where it should be. If you knocked your alignment out of specification you can use a wrench to get the alignment close enough to get home without excessively wearing out your tires.


white 3rd gen tacoma long travel overland alabama hills


Toyota/Lexus Cam Tab Gusset Applications (click for product page)



2016-2023 Tacoma Cam Tab Gussets

2005-2015 Tacoma Cam Tab Gussets

1996-2004 Tacoma Cam Tab Gussets


2010+ 4Runner Cam Tab Gussets

2003-2009 4Runner Cam Tab Gussets

1996-2002 4Runner Cam Tab Gussets

FJ Cruiser:

2010+ FJ Cruiser Cam Tab Gussets

2007-2009 FJ Cruiser Cam Tab Gussets


2022-Current Tundra Cam Tab Gussets

2023-Current Sequoia Cam Tab Gussets

2007-2021 Tundra Cam Tab Gussets

2008-2022 Sequoia Cam Tab Gussets


2010-2023 Lexus GX460 Cam Tab Gussets

2003-2009 Lexus GX470 Cam Tab Gussets

2008-2021 Lexus LX570 Cam Tab Gussets

Land Cruiser 200 Series:

2008-2021 LC 200 Cam Tab Gussets

International Models:

2005-2015 Hilux Vigo Cam Tab Gussets

2010-2023 Prado 150 Cam Tab Gussets

2003-2009 Prado 120 Cam Tab Gussets

1996-2002 Prado 90 Cam Tab Gussets


stock 1st gen toyota tundra rear pivot cam tabs integrated in frame


Why no love for the 1st Gen Tundra or Sequoia?

These applications have shoulders stamped into the frame rather than traditional cam tabs that hold the eccentric bolts in place as seen in the image above.


Tools Required:

Hammer – Welder – Chisel or Air Chisel – Drill – Sander or Grinder


Estimated Install Time:

Shops that install these parts regularly will charge 5 hours labor if they are just doing the cam tab gusset install. If you are bundling the labor when you are replacing the lower control arms it takes about 2.5 hours since you already have the LCA’s removed.


Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to a chemical or chemicals such as Talc, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and/or reproductive harm. For more information go to


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