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2005 Locos Mocos Nevada Adventure

Adventures are not always pretty! The 04-05 storm season hammered the west with severe weather conditions that have been unpredictable to most forecasters. We knew the Locos Mocos Nevada 05 mission was going to be a challenge, but I guarantee not one of us imagined what mother nature had in store for the 15 trucks that signed up for this years sloppy adventure. With pounding rain falling over the western state of Nevada desert and mountains none of the crew complained to bunk in the motel at the Bonanza casino Thurs. Forecasters were predicting partial sun for Friday and Saturday on parts on Nevada. That’s too bad it wasn’t our destined parts. We popped into Arterial Canyon around 9am Friday with extremely muddy conditions. As we climbed in elevation we hit patches of snow and drove on the most technical muddy roads some of us had ever seen. Mammas boy was debuting a new rig and this was his first driving experience. We’re glad to still have you with us! We deviated from sections of our GPS planned trip in attempt to avoid catastrophe but Y2KBaja gave the crew a run for their luck. 3- 2wd’s and 13 4wd’s attended this year’s trip. We all expected the typical Nevada dry desert and camping adventure. However, this trip camping was out of the question and we guided the tour to towns where we could dry our shoes, do some laundry and not have to pitch a muddy tent. Weather was our nemesis. We saw the forecasts calling for a sweeper to hit Nevada with chilly storms to cover most the state. Nevada RAIN?

 Lets just say the Austin BLM Ranger that hung with the crew Friday night said more rain fell in 3 days than in the past 3 years. Yes, MUD! We were in for 3 days of mud. Friday carnage went smooth with only Squid snapping a centerlink, Buffet taking tree samples, and Mama’s Boy changing a flat. To most that could take an afternoon, but BCG 1 donated the spare centerlink and Turtle had a winch so we proceeded on the days estimated mile list almost on schedule. Snow, and lots of muddy trial lie ahead, but Austin was our destination. The shoe tree and Ichthyosaur fossil site were part of our educational schedule on the way. We would not settle for any less. The State rangers at the park were just amazed that our crew of 28 + paid for the tour. Snow would not this stop this crew, but the mud would take its toll eventually. We ended Friday in Austin, Nevada, an old historic town. The bar owner runs the restaurant and runs the snow plow on the off hours. He was busy at work serving the crew and running the plow over the pass this evening, the center of the storm was passing over us. What we had in store Saturday could never compare to anything we imagined! The BLM ranger just chuckled as we stated our destination plans and egged us on to have a “good time”. We were informed by the morning waitress that the “Mormon Crickets” were migrating through the mountain range and to keep an eye out.

We hit the dirt Saturday around 9am and blue skies were in sight. We shot the shit literally, and ran a few slick roads, a lake of purple flowers were in full bloom. The flowers seemed to enjoy the rain more than the crew did. We climbed in elevation and we knew we had a mountain pass ahead, but no one could foresee the 6 hours adventure. Our first sign of chaos was a hill climb that the leaders with 4wd warned the back of the pack to keep on the gas. Then the radio transmitted “pin it, its really soupy”. A few of the crew opted to blaze trail up the weeded hill side for traction and some required the winch, but the trusted Nissan hit the power band and earned an applause as we crested the hill revving the super charger . This is where most folk with ANY common sense would abort the mission and turn around. This hill consumed over an hour and what lie ahead would take 6 hours to cross 3 miles. This was not a rock crawling event, this was CRAZY! The front runners had clean trails, but the rest of the crew had to forge through the stickiest, muddiest, deepest gooo we have ever seen. At times double tow straps were used to haul the next guy in line up the next section. Just when you think it could never get worse, IT DID! You see a creek we had to pass was eroded and flowing like a river and we were now stuck in a valley. There was no turning back. 15 trucks stared at an obstacle and the rattled nerves had tempers flared. For over 2 hours we tossed rocks into the stream to rebuild the road and create a bridge necessary to cross the creek. Buffet was 1 st in line to tackle the chore and Turtle was sent next to rescue a possible roll into the creek. I walked the creek and scouted the next section and honestly started to pray. The creek was the least of the problems, the soupy terra firma that lie ahead would prove to be the most challenging for the entire team. The creek was dammed and we all crossed. Rocket decided to launch across it which made for a few laughs amongst the stragglers. A few scouted the trail ahead and finally the leaders started the next obstacle. Gusset & Mamas Boy, would require assistance from the crew to crest this hill. A techy right hand corner after a huge mud hole was the next obstacle. Too fast and you were done! They each slid off the trail and toward the ledge. This section proved to be a breaking point for a few and motivation to conquer for the rest. Minimal carnage included a few battered body panels.

We hit the front side of the range with the sun shining and finally saw DUST, we were hours behind schedule. We bypassed another section to hit the town of Lovelock where we would reside in a hotel for the night. Hundreds of pounds of mud covered every vehicle. Building bridges and mud took its toll. But Short Bus’s right hand man Herb at Sturgeons Casino invited the crew in for Prim Rib and cocktails, which settled nerves for the evening.

Sunday 9am roll call had 6 trucks out of the day’s destination and 9 proceeding. We hit some fun rollers, parts of the VORRA race course and a bit of rain, but nothing could stop these determined trail blazers from accomplishing their mission. Battered vehicles, headaches (hangovers) and mud could not deter us. We arrived on Mother’s Day in one piece and all shook our heads proclaiming the most insane adventure we have ever experienced. I know a few old Baja heads could relate, but this was 100% the tale of “An Adventure that was not Pretty”.

Thanks: Buffet, Short Bus, BCG 7 & BCG 1, Squid, Gusset, E2, Sparky & Co Dog, 3 Ball, M-Chaos, Fodie & family, Jerry’s Kid, Turtle and Tenical, Mamma’s Boy, both Baja Bros., Squige, Rocket and all the girlies who hung like champs!

Its really cool to the hit the trails with this crew. Regardless of the “situation” or “incident” the show still goes on! I can’t wait to tackle the next challenge that lies ahead. See you in the DIRT!



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