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2004 Locos Mocos Baja 1000 Post Race Report

You don’t just decide to take a trip and off road in Baja, Mexico. Months of preparation go into getting your rig ready for the adventure ahead. Of course our journey with the dirty dozen would begin in Estero Beach then would take us _’s of the way down the peninsula with the ever so wild Locos Mocos crew for some pre-running and eventually to meet the rest of the group to host the Baja Pits/Locos Mocos race pit at mile marker 439. I have to laugh at all the prep some of us did, considering I blew a rear torsion socket fist bump on the first dirt trail we hit (I have to get that Gen 2 kit on) and Gadget straight snapped a rear axle housing in half south of Scorpion bay (new housing). Lemont topped it off when he ripped the rear end off and the tranny out (did you even prep at all?). The home brewed and now infamous “scissor shackle” and rusted old mexi parts got you back rolling and out of Mexico, at some pretty quick speeds too.

Regardless of the prep that’s performed the desert can always gobble a victim or 3. Hey Lemont, those ribbons on that bush actually designated VADOS and DANGEROUS terrain. You would think 930 miles of course you’d put 2 and 2 together, stay off Fuse and Farmboy’s tail so you can see through the dust J. This trip was about as insane as they get. From the beach run out of San Ignacio to our crazy adventures in the dark at 1am looking for our pit, not 1 out of the 7 days was mild. It was as wild and amazing as they have proclaimed Southern Mexico to be, and then some when the Tequila is involved!

2004 Baja 1000

This trip we really got spoiled with hospitality from locals and the newly befriended American’s we met along the way (‘thanks John & Bill’). We even chased a Canadian family traveling since June down the peninsula. For anyone who is willing to take the ultimate adventure, you have to go off road Baja. Some highlights of our trip included the Tecate beer truck that appeared from nowhere while we spent the afternoon repairing Gadget’s rear axle housing in the heat with minimal Code Red’s left in stock from the night before (there really is a beer god), snorkeling with the sea creatures in Punta Chivado and having a roving cocktail kayak (thanks BCG 1), the amount of stars that look reachable in the sky around the campfire, and of course the lightening show we were treated to while sitting on Scorpion Bay as the storm dumped on the east side at Bay of LA (it was absolutely amazing how it just lit the sky).

Honestly the best part was getting together with the crew and just going off roading. This year the pit was as chaos as they can get. We fueled at least 1 car or truck in just about every class, some back to back in class and the guys wrenched all night long to keep racers going. Race cars didn’t even enter the pit till 4:30PM and the check point before us did not close till 5:20AM. So all night long racers, chasers and even spectators saw what this 40 man crew is about.

We were without some of the big dogs since Baja Jones and Pauliana manned the 10,000 ft. mountain top to assist PCI with radio relay and Baja Tym spent race day in the LOCOS MOCOS airplane with Octavio. But my hats go off to every member of the crew for their team work and effort. Most importantly to those non-members that were hired 5 hours before the first car needed to be fueled that came to the rescue to trailer out our gear. You were initiated like rock stars! In Mexico transporting fuel across the border is a severe issue for a lot of racers. But Gadget, you pulled it off like a hat trick! Larry Ragland and his crew expired in our pit first, but the list went on as the sun rose and casualties of war emerged. BCG 7, you taught McGuyver everything he knows! Posey, please keep Baja a secret in Alabama. Farmboy, Lemont, Fuse, Box of Rocks and the co pilot posse!!! 930 miles is close but it just means you have try again next time J. BCG1 & Pewe, you guys rock, thanks for plotting the adventure and the blue band aids. Rocket and Bubbles, you 2 are true “stunt men”! Buffet, Squid, Brad, Mama’s Boy, Leslie and my co-pilot Broken K, thanks so much for the ultimate adventure and years of campfire stories. And of course Fodie for the beach house, you spoiled us ALL! I’m glad we all made it back in 1 piece and live to tread another Mexico trail.

See you in the dirt!


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