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2007 Locosmocos Nevada Adventure

Define adventure? I am sure every one of us who attended will rate this years “ADVENTURE” on a different scale from 1 to 10. The 3 day Locos Mocos Nevada 07adventure included 17 rigs ready to tackle 3 days of trails that were plotted by BCG 1 and Buffet. Some of us would run flawless, one of us would go home on a U Haul rented truck & trailer, one of us would loose a wheel @ 50 MPH, and a few of us would have hangovers.

The TEAM assembled in Mojave and hit our first trail that headed into the El Paso Mountains. The remaining trucks that could run on Day 3 would end their mission in Silver Springs Nevada and run like roaches to get home and unpacked. Last Chance Canyon almost wound up gobbling one of the trails guides within the first hour and a half on day 1. This raised question to what the rest of the adventure would have in store. I will say she was packed with punches!

Are you prepared when disaster strikes on the trail?  Do you travel with a vehicle that is capable of towing you 70 miles in the dirt over an 8,000 foot mountain peak if necessary? Every year this crew finds a few new crazy souls willing to attempt the trip, and proves to the rest of us who hook up every year it is undoubtedly one of the most unpredictable off road adventures we embark on together. I will refer to this crew as a TEAM this year. We proved this time without a doubt that the effort of multiple people, plethora of gear we all determine to be vital to pack for us individually, and effort above and beyond from those who stepped up when necessary, that we were determine to get every one of our crew members back to safety and home in one piece.

See you in the DIRT!


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