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How To Grease Upper Control Arm Bushings

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Just like any other performance part, our UCA’s require some maintenance. Regularly greasing the bushings and lubing the uniballs will help ensure the components are operating at their best and extend the life of each moving part. We recommend greasing upper control arm bushings every 3,000-5,000 miles using a synthetic grease like Super Lube (Part# 41150). If your vehicle sees frequent dirt and is driven hard, you may want to perform this maintenance more often.

Uniballs are easier to access making maintenance a breeze. When lubing the uniballs, make sure to use a dry teflon lube like CRC or Finish Line. If the lube is solvent based it will attract dirt and road grime and quickly wear down the woven PTFE liner forcing you to replace the uniballs sooner than normal.

TOTAL CHAOS upper control arms (UCA) are a great performance upgrade for your lifted truck or SUV. Polyurethane bushings pivot around a stainless steel inner sleeve for improved rotation over the stock rubber bushings and the stiffer material also helps to eliminate deflection when driving through rough terrain. Our 1″ heat treated stainless steel uniballs are not only stronger than the OEM ball joints, but they offer a greater range of motion throughout the suspension stroke. A woven PTFE liner between the ball and the race also helps to reduce noise and vibration.

For a step by step how-to for greasing your upper control arm bushings and properly lubing the uniballs, check out our videos below.


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