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Go for a ride in the TOTAL CHAOS Toyota Tacoma with Nicole Pitell-Vaughan and Jessi Combs

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2014 Battle at Primm – Lil T WREX! 

When the green flag dropped day 1 at the Battle at Primm, Nicole Pitell-Vaughan and Jessi Combs made a statement, these chicks are all business out on the track! Starting 11th out of 54 trucks put the girls in a great position to battle with the top contenders in class 1450. This vicious duo of female competitors takes racing very serious. Nicole stated after the race on Saturday, “I really had no idea what we were in for when the flag dropped. I knew our Toyota Tacoma was going to be one of the fasted V6 trucks on the race course, but battling guys with over double our horse power in the thick dust was really a challenge! Jessi has so much diverse racing experience she adapted immediately to the navigator seat. At this race the copilot job is just as critical with calling corners and navigating in the dust as the driver’s duty to keep it on 2 wheels.”  Day 1 resulted in a 6th place finish on corrected time, an average speed of 52MPH, and a great starting position for the 2nd day of the event. “I drove the truck as hard as I could. I am so stoked Jessi and I proved we had what it takes to hang with the front of the 1450 class. V6 power plant and all,” said an elated Nicole after the race.

Day 2 was going to prove to be an even greater challenge with thick dust, deep W’s and sections of the track were littered with rocks. With an inside row 2 start, the girls fought door to door lap one trying to climb positions amongst the field. By the end of  the lap they settled into a groove. Half way through lap 2, everything went wrong. “We lost a component in our steering rack system,” Nicole commented after the race. “We were in one of the fastest sections of the track. I felt the wheel get really stiff, we were headed toward a 90 degree right corner at about 55MPH. I tried to exit the course. I caught the only rock in that area and it sent us slamming onto Jessi’s door. The rest is just a blur. Dust, rocks slamming the roof and then I realized we were pointing the wrong direction near the race course lying on the driver door.” In a split second, the duo was suddenly left to watch the slow Nevada sunset from the side lines.

After the race Jessi commented, “This was definitely a different kind of race for us. No rocks, except the one that flipped us on our lid at 57 mph; and no wide open desert, only short straights mixed with a lot of short course. I’d have to say the whole team handled it very well and showed the spectators what a stock V6 4L engine can do, when it’s built and driven the right way. I must admit, we were kicking ass until we weren’t. I love racing with Nicole and team TOTAL CHAOS and look forward to more of it in the future, that is IF she decides to run another race!” Team TC would like to thank Psychotic Racing and Jonothan Libby for loaning the welder to repair the broken tube they sustained during the prerun race. It is the camaraderie that grass roots racing provides that makes the 1450 class such a blast to be a part of.

Thanks to: FOX, MasterCraft, K&N, Off Road Warehouse, Toyota T-Ten, Method, Currie, SPY, GoodYear Tires


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