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Team Locos Mocos 2013 SCORE Baja 1000 Pit

Photo Credits: N_Chaos, Boofay, Cortez

Mr. Jeff Posey aka “Bama” summed up what TEAM Locos Mocos is about race day with a post on Facebook. His comment to us being at the Baja 1000 without him summed up exactly why this crew will tote over $750,000 in personal equipment into the middle of the Baja desert in order to help any and all racers and their teams have the ability to say they finished the Baja 1000.

“My thoughts are with my desert racing family, Locos Mocos, tonight. A lot of them are out on the Pacific Coast of the Mexican Baja Peninsula running a pit for the Baja 1000 off-road race. It’s just turning night time there and that is usually when the work picks up. Hate that I am missing it! I figure Stu has worked a deal on those illegal (by US standards) lobster by now and someone is cooking em up for the crew. Y’all have fun and be reasonably safe mi amigos!”………he later replied to another face book user…..

Team Locos Mocos

“IT IS ABOUT meeting friends that, after just a few minutes, you know they are friends for life. It’s about a sense of adventure, going sometimes nearly 1000 miles south of the border and hundreds of miles from the nearest parts store, with a crew that lives by “No one left behind” and will stick with you and travel to that 100 mile away parts store or junk yard, to find that weird part you need, no matter how tired, exhausted, or late they already are. It’s pulling into some little town, 100’s of miles from pavement, and school letting out, so the kids can watch the trucks go by. It’s stopping at that same school and pulling out those toys and deflated soccer balls, that have been rolling around in the bed of the truck or under the seat for 1000’s of miles, inflating the balls, tossing them into the small crowd of kids and hearing and seeing their excitement. It’s how excited those kids get over a simple bubble gum machine rubber ball. It’s topping a hill, in the prerunners, and seeing a beautiful beach and knowing what “Oh, we gotta have a Code Red here!” means, when it comes over our radios. Sometimes it’s even “I think we’ve found our camp for the night”. It’s hanging out with a group of friends that love racing so much that we find the most remote spots on the racecourse and run a full blown race pit, with every tool known to man, including generators so we can power our welder, ALL FOR FREE.”

Well Said Bama!

See you in the DIRT!

N_Chaos:    The Power Tour prerun crew with 2 Raptors the TC Tundra, a stock Dodge Ram 2500 & Ford Excursion had an amazing time starting in Gonzaga Bay at Baja Bros. and Good Stacey’s casa before heading off to stake claim at the pit location on Tuesday. The Power Tour full sizes opted to forge Chapala Trail after fuel pick up off the highway. Check out some images in the gallery. It was another epic Baja Adventure.

 Baja Jones:    Another almost flawless pit. Thanks to all that attended. Once again Locos Mocos was the most remote pit in the chain of Baja Pits. All the new equipment worked like a charm and the crew may have set a new Locos Mocos record for recoveries. The crew serviced over 50 racers and recovered a hand full. We transported 2 broken bikes north with riders and fed the whole lot. Special thanks to all those that made the entire operation possible.

BCG 1:    Eco Circus- Everybody broke something. It was like practice for the pit. Other than a trip to San Borja it was embarrassing. We hit none of our destinations but had blast doing it. 4 days in LA bay. Day trip to Animas bay that caused more destruction.

Power Tour Crew:    Baja Jones, Bethel, Pauliana, Omar, Oklahoma, Raptor Billy, Bruce, Broken K, N_Chaos

The Cruisers:    Cortez, Poptart, Boofay, Odd Ball, Val, Remo

Lamco Tour:   Lamont, Nomad, Goldfish, Five-Oh, Mama’s Boy

EcoCircus Crew:   BCG One and Treypal, Rocket and Magic Pat, VORRA and Bonz, Popeye and Bisket, Baton Rouge and Princess, BCG12 and Asshat, Taco and Bubbles, Hudson Hall and The Count, Farmboy and Pharmella, Phyguy   —     1 89 Toyota Pickup spun the dial to 360,000 total vehicle miles in Baja.

Gadget as “fighter escort” , Moby Dick & The Bud Guys



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