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TOTAL CHAOS Toyota Tacoma 1st in Class 1400 MORE “Race for the Cure” Powder Puff

TC Girls Take 1st place and 3 Peat Class 1400 at the 2012 M.O.R.E.

“Race for the Cure”

October is national breast cancer awareness month. In 2011 nearly 300,000 women were diagnosed with the often deadly disease. The 7th annual M.O.R.E. “Race for the Cure” Powder Puff off road race was held in Barstow, Calif. on Saturday, October 6th. Each racer donates a portion of their race entry fee directly to Cedars Sinai Breast Cancer research and more than 50 industry vendors graciously donated products, services and gift cards to the M.O.R.E. raffle which donated all proceeds also to Cedars Sinai. For the last 3 years TC is proud to join the off road community in this annual event. This year we were pumped to add our race program sponsors K&N and SPY to the list of donating companies that supported the “Race for the Cure”. Team TC dedicated this year’s win and trophy to Judy Scott, a proud breast cancer survivor that we met in the crowd at the awards who battled the disease and won and in 1+ year cancer free.

Powder Puff –  “Race for the Cure”

This woman’s only off road racing event has grown in popularity since 2005. Over 125 ladies signed up to race on the 22 mile course. Barstow is known for its high speed whoops, sand washes and super sharp rocks. The ladies compete with the same intensity and in the same equipment as their male counterparts. Rivalries have started to develop over the last few years, especially in class 1400. The TOTAL CHAOS Tacoma had won the last 2 Powder Puff races, and from the second the team rolled the truck off the trailer it was all business for the ladies strapping in. Co-pilot Denyce Styles is comfortable in the cock pit. Driver Nicole Pitell-Vaughan was fresh off a 7th place finish at Vegas toReno where she logged 200 miles behind the wheel.

TC truck 1420 drew 4th off the line out of 12 trucks. Team TC rolled the project Tacoma off the trailer and performed nearly zero prep on the vehicle since running 536 miles at Vegas to Reno. “Besides pulling the transmission to swap a leaking seal, we have not touched a single bolt on the truck since the B.I.T.D. race. We made a suspension adjustment during testing and we are racing the truck,” stated TC owner Matt Vaughan. TC uses controlled race environments to test component longevity and the durability of heims and uniballs as well as other equipment TC supplies with production or race specific parts.

Barstow is known to punish drivers and their equipment with its brutal whoops and rocky terrain. This year we rolled to the line with one strike already against us, Nicole was to under go ACL reconstruction Monday after the race and Denyce was suffering from an injured shoulder and neither of the girls was prepared to change a tire. A quick 911 phone call to the Team Locos Mocos headquarters rallied a few troops to set up pit services on race day a few miles apart around the track. When the green flag dropped, it was a sprint race to get truck 1420 out front and set the class pace. The dust was thick and starting after all the class 1, TT, 1600, 5/16, 10 and Baja lights made passing pretty intense. It was commit and hammer down to get around other racers.

Friday night the smack talk was thick. Mike Wilson tossed out the, “You better be happy with second place!” I knew my target grew in diameter over the last 12 months. I heard a list of girls that were here to knock me off the top box. I postponed my ACL surgery this year for one reason, to get inspired to train even harder this year to remain competitive on race day and to dedicate a race win to someone in the crowd. I was here to show these girls Team TC means business,” stated Nicole Pitell-Vaughan after the race.

Thick dust kept the ladies focused on avoiding rocks, staying on the course and not letting the truck get damaged was key. Passing whatever was in their site the girls drove hard all day. Nicole commented, “I had gremlins right out of the gate. Denyce yelled at me for pulling into main pit for a 4 tire check starting lap 2 and sure enough we had a puncture that was slowly leaking. The truck just felt a bit mushy at the wheel. I could have been racing on that hole for an entire lap; I have no idea when or where we got it. 2 minutes by the pros or that could have cost me the win out on course.” Once again Team TC proves on race day there are so many elements that play a factor on your finishing position. The crew at TC ran a good strategy; build a lead and pull into any emergency pit we have out there to reduce our down time if we have an issue. It was a conservative game, we pulled into almost every pit once, but it got the job done.

Tight competition from Jessica Gomez in truck 1413 was a welcomed battle. Jessica drives hard and for the last 2 years she has been there to the wire to duke it out in the dirt. Flats get both of us every race. And congrats to Adina Byma for her 3rd place finish this year. Every year the girls get faster and I am pumped to race with all these ladies.

From Nicole Pitell-Vaughan:  “Team TOTAL CHAOS shop guys are some of the best in this industry to have on your side on race day. So is the Locos Mocos crew. I can’t thank them all enough for helping me get a class 1400 win and earn me a 3 peat. I also would like to thank Judy Scott. I went into this race wanting to dedicate a win to an anonymous woman who has battled the disease and was present there at awards after the race. While on the podium I shouted to the crowed for any breast cancer survivor to raise their hand. After a few seconds, with this large smile gleaming from her face Judy Scott and her 2 daughters waved so proudly at me. To the Scott family and Judy, I dedicate this race win to your family. Your courage, tenacity and love that radiated from your family after the race was truly AWESOME! You inspire people like myself to not quit. The smile that glowed from you as I stood on that podium makes me very proud to go compete against all these ladies and dedicate this win to you Judy.”

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