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2010 Locosmocos Nevada Adventure

LOCOS MOCOS NV 2010……..a decade of off road action!

Do you remember your very first off road trip and who you were with? Do you remember what you were doing at the end of April 10 years ago? This year Boofay celebrated the 10th year of his annual Locos Mocos Nevada trips. The simple concept of packing some camping gear and exploring local deserts of California and Nevada has become an annual favorite for this crew, their families and friends of friends! The first year skeleton crew planted seeds……of all kinds, and shared their experiences with everyone for future trips. Weather has always been a factor. I remember the notorious mud run, and this year a complete rerouting of segments was necessary due to recent high elevation snow. The planning takes place a few weeks after we get back from each trip and every year the program has evolved, morphed and grown.Base camp out of Benton Hot Springs was scheduled for this year. The camping thing has its advantages on these trips but in 10 years this crew has made A LOT of babies! 10 of them I think, maybe more. At the Sat night BBQ/potluck dinner it was evident that 3 generations of off road enthusiasts were on hand at this years event. We had first generation race promoters, current organization race promoters and possibly future race promoters trekking across Death Valley, BITD V2R race course and back north through soupy snow and tight weed trails near Mono Lake. This run we had new attendees with the JEEP Rock Band along with a tour guide and a roadie, a teacher, an editor, a washed up moto racer turned cop along with his pops and even a first time KTM loner.

Only 3 rigs completed the entire 750 mile plotted adventure. Boofay, Dumbo and Lamont ran every mile of dirt planned for the 4 days. All 3 are equipped with TC kits that were designed in the past decade as well. Gen 2 Caddy, 96-04 Tacoma & 05+ were all represented. You guys proved that 1986 to 2010 Toyota’s equipped with TOTAL CHAOS suspensions can tackle the terra firma! The other attendants either had departure issues, lingering audits, wedding commitments or had to run the daycare center for all the “tator tots” back at camp and were unable to make every mile planned.

It was still adventurous and had its fair share of carnage, paint scratches and butt puckers. Short Bus almost sent his Jeep rolling after the naked hot springs in Death Valley with the Donkey family. Bobby Hill busted a steering rack but for some reason carries a spare….. Mamma’s Boy had hardware issues on a lower uniball that was loose, Jerry’s kid and Squeegee suffered a few flats, and N-Chaos had to have the Tundra towed back to the shop by AAA after a blown rear axle bearing on HWY 395. I was fortunate to be within an hour from the shop and not tim-buck-too. No one crashed into one another this trip, we lost a few people like always but we managed to get keep the conga line moving despite times it was at a Samurai’s pace! We can’t hound the Jeepers though, ORW sent up some “rock stars” to entertain our town in the 1800’s house. I don’t think Benton has seen that much CHAOS in awhile.

This year some killer prizes were donated by Off Road Warehouse & TC raffled some swag bags after the pot luck dinner. Some amazing food was prepared by several NV participants. The town was blazing for 3 days with trail stories, wine and spirits. And that’s what makes the sport of off roading so much family fun. You never know whats going to happen next, what obstacle is around the corner and if your car is going to make it back in the same shape it left in.

See ya in the DIRT!



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