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2009 SCORE Baja 500 Post Race Report

Baja bleeds through your veins. If you have ever been to an off road event south of the border, you know exactly what I am referring to. The majestic terrain and locals are what racers, chasers and spectators from all over the world travel there to experience. Just ask 18 year old Danny from Ohio. When his brand new CRF 450X lost a charge coil early on he was left stranded at the base of the infamous summit for hours before he and his bike were dropped off by a kind chase crew at the Locos Mocos/Baja Pits #3 location. We asked him if he would come back to Baja to race again, “hell ya” he replied! “Ohio” and his dad drove 40 hours to make it 119 miles during the race, and they were hooked.

When I broke my back I thought my off road lifestyle was over. I missed San Felipe because and I had not missed a race held there in 10 years. The LM crew head honcho “Baja Jones” called every other week asking if I would make it to the Baja 500. I know he was just letting me know the open invite was there politely, but during month 2 of rehabilitation I decided that if I could get my cardio back enough to hike a bit and not hamper the crew I would make the decision to go to the Baja 500.

Like a racer, I focused and trained just to get my camping game on to go to the race with my extended off road family. Baja Jones, Pauliana, BCG 1, Baja Bros., Memo, Val, Hopper, Patio Burrito, Tiny, Rob Zombie, RT, Antonio, Radar, Bethel, Gadget, John & Billy: “Thank you all for extending any efforts to assist me and make me as comfortable as possible. I am so stoked I made the race and it would not have been possible without all of you guys helping me in one way or another.

Our pit location for this race (Cohobuzco Jct.) is a dusty cross road two and a half hours from the nearest pavement. As always the cooking quarters stirred up some of the best desert grub found at a pit. We were scheduled to fuel over 70 bikes and quads and over 30 trucks and buggies. We hauled tires in for over 30 vehicles. The crew managed to repair a class 9 car that pulled in with no brakes. A class 12 car arrived in the pit with only the shocks & upper arm holding the right side wheel on. We fabricated a new lower pivot, welded it to the lower arm. Then we straightened and remade the retaining rod that had sheared off so it could be driven and sent them off into the desert night. The chase crew from the 12 car was inspired by our middle of nowhere hospitality and they volunteered to transport “Ohio” and his bike back to Ensenada where he was reunited with his dad. We changed a spare tire on a class 10 car and a UTV. We plugged tires on a few ATVs and replaced missing spares on several vehicles. Truck 705 arrived in the pit after the leading class 11’s. He was in need of wheel studs & trailing arm mount repairs. They left the pit at race speed, such as it was. We made huge deli sandwiches for every chase crew and broken racer that stopped in to keep them going on the long trip back to Ensenada. In addition to all this, Pauliana and our communications department, kept flawless record of every vehicle through our location and provided valuable status updates to Weather man and the 9 other Baja Pits on the race course. Locos Mocos and Baja Pits have built a reputation amongst the race community as a leading pit support program that is dedicated to assisting racers and chasers in remote areas of the race course. The trailer and tools this crew transports and hauls out to tim-buck-too locations is specially designed to handle the brutal terrain and weight of all the gear. Behind the scenes this program is over a decade in the making. We all attend these events out of passion for the sport and the Baja peninsula. RT flew in from Colorado for his 2nd Baja race pilgrimage! Each member of the crew has a specialty. Kind of like a military unit. When combined, this crew can pretty much repair anything in the middle of nowhere! So next time you see the Locos Mocos banner, honk, wave or pull in for some excellent grub. WE FIX STUFF FREE!

See ya in the DIRT!

N-Chaos & Baja Jones


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