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2009 SCORE Baja 1000 Race Report

LOCOS MOCOS 2009 Baja 1000
Fighting Cancer with Tacos!!!

TEAM Locos Mocos is known for providing remote race pit support & services for SCORE Baja racers. This year they set out to do something totally different for the 42nd SCORE-International 2009 Baja 1000. In an effort to raise awareness and donations for the Fundacion Castro Limon Children’s Cancer facility in TJ, Mexico- TEAM Locos Mocos operated a Taco stand at the Borrego Junction and sold tacos to raise money for the children at the clinic. The crew received lots of industry support prior to the race and very generous donations from Master Craft Safety & The Scoroni Family. The 2nd year devoted 4 man Texas crew drove back to Baja for another race and donated 10 bags of Texas chunk oak charcoal to fuel the Taco Stand!

Baja Jones and wing man Bethel drove down 250 lbs. of Carne, 50 lbs. of Pollo & corn flour for fresh tortillas, a case of avocados, 5 gallons of salsa & 200 jalapenos for the food facility and it went off without a glitch. The taco station was fully staffed with people to prepare, cook & serve the food from noon to 8pm. Without those extra local hands it would have been impossible. We could not have predicted that we would run out of everything so early race night! The crew will head back south of the border and present a souvenir banner and the cash directly to the children.

Once south of the border and set up for tacos, Carlos from Baja Pits called and asked Locos Mocos to operate a pit at Borrego for his chain of fuel and service pits set up for the race. He was short staffed for a pit location and had scheduled a driver to deliver all the fuel and spare parts to our location. In typical fashion the Locos Mocos crew constructed a desert pit facility capable to fuel 70 bikes & 70 4 wheel vehicles. The generator ran nonstop powering communication radios, lights & welders. Buffet and Radar operated the timing table and all radio communications for 24 hours. The fuel station never had a break with BCG1, Taco, 3 Ball & Baja Bros. in constant refill and rotation of dry breaks & dump cans for incoming bikes and vehicles.

Back to back bike riders and race car repairs had the pit surrounded by spectators and racers team personal for over 24 hours straight. Crowd control became a task! Fuel only pit services had racers in and out keeping the fuel lane open for the next racer on the course. Bike repairs included rear tire swaps, air filter changes, XR 450 peg bolts, and adjusted levers. As the sun set the leaders in the 4 wheel classes began arriving for scheduled fuel stops and more 4 wheel vehicle repairs. Baja Pits is the official pit crew for Team General Tire racers. LM assisted # 617 Burnett, Class 8 Kroker, Stock Mini Ditner & Stewart with tire swaps. Later in the evening on the second pass a quad racer needed his upper a arm mounts welded back together. Lamont and Patio Burrito were ready for the task at hand to keep the racer going. Reconnaissance missions by Jones & Chaos to deliver fuel to bikes and a quad racer who ran dry before the pit were made to keep their checkered flag hopes alive.

Lap 2 through Borrego was more eventful with repairs that included broken exhausts, broken rear sway bars, broken upper shock mounts, tie rod replacements and another round of tire changes. As the sun began to rise the Toyota Stock Mini driven by Ivan Stewart entered the pit for a scheduled fuel stop and tire change. A busted shock mount discovered, patched and welded back together to keep the Toyota 4Runner running!

As the race concluded its hard to believe and Baja 1000 has gone by. 2009 has had its ups and downs with several members of the crew yet we never miss a beat with the task at hand. We FIX Stuff FREE!!! Thanks again to the entire crew for their hard work and donations of tools & equipment to make this program what it is.

Additional pit support from the following Locos Mocos members: RT, Remo, Pop Tart, Grasshopper, Val, Tiny, Broken K, Cortez, Papa Orlowski, OCB & Bam Bam, BCG 1, Bethel, Baja Jones, Patio Burrito, Buffet, Radar, Baja Bros., 3 Ball, 2 man band from El Cajon, 4 man Texas crew Trey, Dusty ,TJ, Robert.

See you in the DIRT!


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