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How to Maintain and Service TOTAL CHAOS Lower Control Arms

boxed chromoly performance lower control arm toyota lexus

Performance parts require periodic maintenance regardless of driving habits and local conditions. We recommend inspecting TOTAL CHAOS aftermarket suspension and related equipment every three to five thousand miles. The instructions below are the same regardless of which lower control model you have installed. TOTAL CHAOS lower control arms are available for the Toyota Tacoma, 4Runner, Tundra, FJ Cruiser, Land Cruiser, Sequoia, Prado 120, Prado 150, and Lexus GX 470 and GX 460.



Bushing Maintenance

Dry or worn out bushings compromise ride quality and do not allow the suspension to cycle freely. Periodically greasing your lower control arm bushings and inner sleeves is crucial for component longevity.


Urethane Bushing Lubrication & Maintenance

To grease TOTAL CHAOS lower control arms on the vehicle, it is not mandatory to have the vehicle jacked up with the wheel off. However, that will make the process much easier. Pump grease into the zerk fitting until you can see the excess grease bleed out from between the bushing and the plated end washer. It is not necessary to loosen the eccentric bolts prior to adding grease to lower control arm pivots. If you loosen the bolts, you will need to realign the vehicle. 


Like all performance parts, TOTAL CHAOS LCAs require regular maintenance to optimize performance.


How Do I Know What Is Squeaking?

Inspect your parts. People often assume that their uniballs need to be lubricated or serviced when they hear a noise coming from under the front of their vehicle, but most often we find that it is the bushings that are the source of the noise. The most common source of squeaking in our experience isn’t your suspension at all, it is your skidplates! These are easy to remove and check if the noise goes away. If the noise is still there, it is time to move on to the next possible source. In general, if you hear the noise when the suspension is cycling up and down – such as over a speed bump, the source is likely the bushings. If you hear a noise or feel a clunk through the steering wheel when turning, the source could be the uniball. Another item to inspect is your aftermarket shock upper and lower rod ends. These are another wear item to inspect to maintain a well performing ride.


What Type Of Lubrication Do Uniballs Require?

Do not use WD40 or petroleum based products. They attract dirt and can accelerate wear. Keeping your uniballs clean with soap and water is the easiest step. Periodically apply a PTFE-based dry lubricant to extend the component’s life.  We use Tri-Flow Superior Dry Lubricant or FinishLine Dry Bike Lubricant.


TOTAL CHAOS uses the same 1-inch uniballs on their lower control arms as on their uppers.


What Bushing Grease Does TOTAL CHAOS Recommend?

TOTAL CHAOS recommends using Super Lube 41150 synthetic grease or an equivalent PTFE marine grade water proof grease. Avoid using lubricants such as white lithium, any type of penetrant, or spray style lubricant. They can degrade the quality of the bushings. 


total chaos lower control arm bushing grease super lube


Why Does The Grease Matter?

Not all grease is created equal. To properly maintain your polyurethane bushings, you should grease them regularly. Sometimes the polyurethane bushings can make annoying squeaking noises, but proper lubrication can quiet them down. Greasing the bushings will also reduce friction and allow the suspension to smoothly travel through the full range of motion without binding


How Often Should I Grease My Lower Control Arms?

Generously grease them during installation, and after the first 500 miles. We recommend you doing your post-install hardware retorque at 500 miles. Then every three to five thousand miles after that. Depending on climate, environment, and usage your maintenance mileage may vary.


greased lower control arm pivot pocket prior to install
IMPORTANT: Greasing the LCA pivot pocket and bushing hat (flat side) prior to installation is crucial.


Can I Over Grease My Lower Control Arm?

You might make a mess, but you cannot over grease your lower control arms. The excess grease will ooze out the sides (shown below), just wipe it down to clean up the residual. Unlike the upper control arms, where you have to loosen the through bolt to allow space for the grease, you do not want to loosen the hardware when greasing your lower control arms. Doing so can alter your alignment settings.


total chaos lower control arm bushings and zerk fitting   greasing lower control arms with excess grease shown


Are you more of a visual learner? Check out the video below on uniball maintenance!


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