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TOTAL CHAOS 2013 Tacoma Torture Test-Locos Mocos NV13.5 – Trail Expedition

NV13.5- Locos Mocos Trail Expedition

What did you do for father’s day this year? For 19 trucks and their occupants exploring the “off-back-roads” was much better than the typical backyard BBQ. After complaints of not getting enough dirt on the spring NV13 trip I decided to put together a summer trip, aptly named NV13.5, to satisfy all those dirt heads.

After meeting at Topaz Lake on Friday, it was time to hit the trail. We were headed to some off road trails surrounding Bodie Ghost Town. Right away we realized that we were in a popular area as we encountered 20 same direction ATV’s on their annual Eastern Sierra ATV Jamboree. And to make matters worse, we were on the same radio frequency. A few miles up the road we encountered 19 more oncoming ATV’s. It didn’t stop there as we had 7 more same direction slow movers. Just goes to show that these trips are not a race and extreme caution must be used when traveling on public lands. Once clear of Bodie and into the Mono Lake area the traffic cleared up but the caution of checking every crest and blind corner never leaves the back of your mind. The ride around Mono Lake was classic. Twists and turns galore, with sand dunes, and impressive scenery. We pulled into Benton Hot Springs before dark, fired up the BBQ’s for dinner and quickly found the hot spring tubs to relax and tell stories of the day.

The next morning it was up Silver Canyon, a steep 5000’ climb to 10,400’ with multiple water crossings and tight switchbacks. After that was Wyman Canyon with more water crossings, cows and ghost town/cabins on our way to the open desert heading to Death Valley Road. After a quick pavement liaison we looped Hanes Flat Road to Papoose Flat. On this loop we encountered a washed out road, a beautiful arch formation, and possibly the world’s oldest trees before descending to Bishop via the pavement for dinner. After dinner some of us took the off-road back to Benton arriving just before dark and in time for a beautiful sunset while soaking in the hot tubs amongst stories of the day.

Sunday morning our southern friends burned the roads south as the rest of continued north through the rock gardens behind Benton before making the call to jump on the pavement to Bridgeport for lunch at the Jolly Cone and Massage. Yes, that’s a real place. The next section would require skills as we were driving the wide trucks on a narrow road intended for ATV’s as we ascended from 5400’ at Bridgeport to 11,637’ at the top of Mt. Patterson. This road is not for the faint at heart with its narrow cliff edged quad width-road with washouts and 3-point switchback turns. Some of us even had to go over the edge to get to the next switchback. Once at the bottom it was time to call it a weekend with over 425 completed miles.

Thanks everyone for being so patient on the off-road, we learned a lot this trip that will change future adventures in a positive way. –Boofay.

Carnage report: Five-oh lost a panhard bolt, Dumbo broke a wire to the fuse box, Lamont burnt his tri-tip, Short Bus didn’t put his steak on the grill, flat tire for Sparky, Five-oh, & Moma’s Boy (repairable), and multiple flats for Thelma and Mr Clean—so many flats they had to buy more spares in Bishop and flattened those too.

Boofay, Deanna & Grant (“Eagle Eyes”)—Total Chaos Tacoma
Lamont & Frank the Tank—Total Chaos 4Runner
Five-oh, Joanie, Nickle & Dime –Total Chaos FJ
Dumbo & Maestro—Total Chaos 4Runner
Cave Matt & Jeremy—Total Chaos Tacoma
Braap & Daddo—Total Chaos Tacoma
Jerry—Total Chaos 4Runner
Bloomer & Colleen–Total Chaos 4Runner
Sparky—Total Chaos Truck
Bobby Hill & Hot Pocket—Total Chaos Tacoma
Momma’s Boy & Jerry’s Kid—Total Chaos Truck
Baby Bro & Cuddles—long travel Ranger
Shemp & Shempella–heavy chase Chevy on the pavement or at the river
Niz Mut & Kathy—Long travel Nissan
Chris & Shanna —Long travel Silverado
T4 & Kim—Long travel Ranger
Thelma (& Louise) or “No Jack Flat”—stock Exploder
Mr. Clean—stock exploder
Short Bus & Powdered Donut—Jeep


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