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2011 Locos Mocos Nevada Adventure


The CHAOS Nation is spreading! This year’s off road expedition saw 17 TC equipped trucks prepared to hammer down on the annual Locos Mocos adventure. It became evident that TOTAL CHAOS is the leader for 1984-2011 Toyota suspension systems. I can not think of any other off road company that can make this Toyota claim: “On this 1 single trip TC has 27 years of Toyota model IFS vehicles. 17 trucks were equipped with TOTAL CHAOS bolt on suspension systems. The crew logged over 8,000 off road miles combined in 4 days with zero suspension parts failures!” -N-Chaos
For the 6th time in 11 years I was invited to join a group of off road enthusiasts on one of the most unique off road expedition adventures strategically plotted to criss cross some of Nevada’s siltiest lake beds, 8K ft. mountain ranges and blooming deserts. Troy Robinson, aka “Boofay” to the Locos Mocos crew is the master trip planner. He has VORRA Racing roots that date back to well………..DAY 1. That’s 35+ years of off roading experience, not partying, but paying attention to every geographic detail imaginable on a map. He spends countless hours over a several month period on Google Earth plotting the “PINK” line. The electronic navigational dependent hippies like myself simply download his efforts to our handy dandy GPS and skillfully drive. While I own one and still can not seem to use it, I owe BCG 1 in a BIG way for getting me uploaded and plotted correctly as soon as we joined the crew. I pinned it on point to get my Canon into position to try and capture this amazing trek like we never have before.

Photographer’s Note: While set up at certain obstacles I found it quite entertaining to watch each of you display your driving style, and in a few situations the lack there of style when you got into “PHOTO OP MODE”. Your graceful display’s of: brake checks, flogging drifts, hucks where the outcome was a near lawn dart, and parting the creeks like a boat overseas was all captured!

The 2011 trip earned the nickname “TOTAL CHAOS TORTURE TEST”. TC was testing its freshly built 2010 4wd project Tundra on the trails intending to punish it and perform some Fox Shox suspension tuning. There were 16 other TC equipped Toyota vehicles in attendance all running a different model of suspension system that we manufacture. 2 Jeeps, 1 dirt bike (Woody) and a Ford Ranger living its golden years were also there to beat the crap out of their equipment. This crew is brutal, and the Nevada trips have provided TOTAL CHAOS a testing ground on their suspension equipment for the last decade.

I am impressed at the level of preparation every owner put into their equipment in order to make it a reliable off road rig on these trips. And I am stoked that they have chosen TOTAL CHAOS suspension systems! The crew is self sufficient. We happened to pop a few tires, bust a few bolts, blow a few shocks, damage a steering rack, self clearance a fender well and even grenade a rear 3rd member. But we are pumped to report that every TC equipped vehicle completed another expedition with zero suspension failures. The TC Tundra ran flawless. Learning to navigate the land yacht was different at first, I felt just like a trophy truck driver navigating the BITD Silver State 300 race course at mile 167. The truck tracked great in the burnt in “W’s” and we never got a flat on our Maxxis Trepador tires. Running triple digits with the AC blazing in the silt beds was another plus. I did not give the truck the credit it deserved initially but the new model Tundra’s are a great platform for a chase vehicle or family prerunner. (Note: I did carry tree trimmers and we had to use them twice on the trail to clear a path from high elevation downed trees). Even Taco who popped the 3rd member in his Tacoma had a spare in his truck that he has carried for 4 years. Rather than a trail prep he double backed into town and used the lift at the local gas station. Taco & Baja Bro met up with the straggling TC/ORW crew after the repairs. We opted to skip the 7AM departure Day 3. Our plan was to relax a bit outside of town, have lunch & blow off some So Cal steam. We eventually caught the crew in the afternoon chasing them down the valley and into Rachel, Nevada.

This is the 2nd year ORW joined the crew and they raffled some of the coolest gear off on Saturday night. A tow strap, air gauge, first aid kit, shirts & hats, fire extinguisher with mount and a pair of Hella lights! Congrats to all of the winner’s. I would also like to note the generous donations the entire group made to the local kids serving at the restaurant in Pioche. Tips earned while waiting our tables were to allow them to travel to Washington DC. They provided amazing service. Kudos to all who donated and to Jason for his $100 donation! YOU ROCK. I’d also like to give a shout out to Locos Mocos Farmboy. The Nor Cal crew ended their destination in Yerington near his house, “Get well soon Farmy! We missed you this year.”

Day 1: Topaz Lake, CA. to Tonopah, NV.
Day 2: Tonopah, NV. to Pioche NV. BITD Silver State 300 course
Day 3: Pioche, NV. to Rachel, Nv. then back to Tonopah
Day 4: Tonopah, NV. to Yerington, NV.

Points of Interest Visited:

Ghost Town of Tybo, Project Faultless, Lunar Crater, BITD Silver State 300 race course, Rachel Nevada-Little Al’E’Inn, Cathedral Gorge.

Ironman Mileage Awards go to:
Squeege 96-02 4Runner Long Travel kit
Cookie 84-95 2wd Toyota 5 Lug 2wd Lift Spindle kit

The 2011 crew:
Boofay & family, BCG 1, Short Bus & Jenny, Buzz Light Year & Woody, Lamont & Hoolahoop, Mama’s Boy, Jerry’s kid, Bobby & Hank Hill, Rob Zombie, Ron Jeremy & Cuz, ORW Rock Band, Cookie, Patio, B & Up Chuck, The sisters, Baja Bro & Nurse Naughty, Taco & Bubbles, Five-0 & family, Dumbo, Uniball, Dust Mite, Fianna & the furry family, Squeege & Fiesta, The “FNG’s” of Nissan & T4……..and of course Emilie the Pirate Princess.

See ya in the DIRT…………

Photo Credits:
N-Chaos, ORW Rock Band, Bobby Hill, Boofay, BCG 1, Patio, B

Day 1 Gallery
Day 2 Gallery
Day 3 Gallery
Day 4 Gallery


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