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2005 San Felipe 250 Race Report – Mexico Happens

As geese fly South during the winter so do a group of off road racers, chasers and spectators for the annual SCORE San Felipe 250. I travel across the border with a gang called “Locos Mocos“. This is a true gang of individuals that assembles across the border and is down for the cause, what ever it might be on that particular trip. Their motto “We Fix Stuff Free” is recognized by any racer who has recently participated in a Mexico event. Names such as Robby Gordon, Team Herbst, Walker Evan’s, and numerous moto, quad and buggy teams have utilized our services from major welding, recovery support, silt service, coffee, lobster burritos and fluid refills.

San Felipe 250

This race was pretty uneventful. Except for #558 who we pushed out of the silt bed at mm 70 and changed a tire all while the racers chilled in their car. Our crew however did get summoned to a few members needs. BCG 1 ripped an upper shock mount while prerunning the race course and required local welding repairs in town. Sunday we opted to take the dirt back to the border on the way home, what a blast! Oh that is until the last mud puddle on the trail. “Upside down” Chaos was bucked by the last mud puddle onto the roof. Yes another classic story of why you don’t toss your lady the keys! What a Mexican adventure until we parked it on the roof, and all this 20 miles from the border and hundreds of off road miles later. Matt you build one hell of a kit, the Nissan still steers straight on the highway.

Thanks to: Gadgit for the winch support and bush removal, Bajajones and Bajatym for the laugh factor and assistance, Broken K, Pumpkin crew, Shaggn’ Wagon, Paul and Tracy and most of all E2 (my co-pilot Pat) for all of your help. Never underestimate a mud puddle or vehicle weight placement! Oh I almost forgot, you too Cortez, for requesting a film session. The Nissan held up like a champ. All windows still function despite the mishap, even the sun roof. We topped off the motor and trans fluids, started it up and drove home. “DIRT HURTS” ego’s and elbow’s!


author unknown – dedicated to the roll over club, you all know who you are.

“Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out and loudly proclaiming, WOW! WHAT A RIDE!!!!”


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