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TOTAL CHAOS’ road trip on the Mojave Trail

Being involved in the off road industry means a lifestyle of hectic traveling, generally living out of a backpack and includes pre-scheduled events with tight time commitments. So when the TOTAL CHAOS crew saw a window of opportunity in the January calendar race schedule to go blaze some old school trails and just hang out with friends, we inked the weekend and planned a much needed 2 day Mojave Trail trip. I left our departure location open till the morning we left, and we only had a destination of Laughlin for that night. We had a map, some munchies and a few points of interest along the Mojave Trail that we wanted to stop and check out each way.

The crew flew with only 2 things scheduled for this adventure. 1…….Our plan, was to have NO PLAN!  2………….To blow off some rounds. As you can see in the images below, we had an action packed adventure with some trail carnage, lava tube & abandoned mine exploration, historic points of interest, guns and a ton of laughs.

Some of the best adventures that you will ever take life are down the road less traveled………….with no time schedule. So go out and cause some CHAOS. See you in the DIRT!


Road Trip on the Mojave Trail


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